You will need
  • - a complete set of baby linen;
  • - first aid kit with means of care for newborns;
  • - personal hygiene;
  • - bathtub;
  • - plastic and rubber toys;
  • cot;
  • - stroller.
Prepare for the advent of the newborn before his mother will be discharged from hospital. In the first few days baby, of course, can sleep in the stroller or even cart. But it is better to immediately begin to teach to the crib. Select smooth and moderately hard mattress. The height of the walls should be such that the mother could effortlessly take the baby out of the crib.
Make sure the baby has enough clothes. Usually in the antenatal clinic and in the hospital there is a list that will need a newborn in the first weeks of life. Nothing terrible will happen if diapers and raspashonok will be more. Wash them will often, therefore, always needs to be stock. Consult your pediatrician, which should be in the home medicine Cabinet. Try to avoid surprises when at the most inopportune moment suddenly find that you have no thermometer or baby cream.
Baby in the first days of life is experiencing several stressful situations in a row. First, he comes from a warm and cozy mother's body in an unfamiliar world, where constantly changing conditions. Not having time to get used to the hospital, he goes home once again in new surroundings. Try to arrange it so that the child will feel in his new world confidently and calmly.
Learn how to take the baby. He still has pretty soft bones and muscles poorly developed. When you pick him up, your hand needs to hold his shoulders, neck and head. You cannot squeeze him on the breast and actually very gripping. In the neonatal period, which continues until the month the baby is mostly in a horizontal position. It cannot be put neither in the arm-chair, no cushion.
Even a newly born child must be able to move. Yet he moves only his hands and feet, but makes it quite intensively. If you still decided to swaddle him even at home, don't wrap too tight. Get the freedom of movements of the child develop faster.
From the earliest days of talk to a newborn. He will remember your voice, which is associated for him with comfort and protection. Say a calm gentle tone, when to change a diaper, feed or bathe. Hum songs, even if you think that can't sing. Remember that you have on hand is most grateful for the light listener.
Even with a child a few days old can play. The periods of wakefulness while that is quite short, but take a few seconds and hold the baby at the sight of a bright rattle. He gradually learns to respond to new items, it broadens his horizons and life experience, which is still very small.
Swimming is one of the most pleasant procedures. The first swim it is best to consult with the local pediatrician, who will surely come to visit you on the first day after discharge. First kid better be bathed in boiled water as the umbilical cord is not yet overgrown. Don't forget to control the temperature. The child should not have any negative emotions.
Even at such a young age, the child is some things are able to decide for himself. You will have to consider his opinion. For example, he knows how much he should sleep and eat. In medical and pedagogical literature are averages. Of course, you need to consider. But don't be alarmed if your child need to sleep a little more or a little less than its average peer. Watch his life's rhythm and try to follow it.