Select the position for feeding, comfortable for you and baby. You can feed lying down, but often it is easier to do sitting down. Hold baby's hand, under which you can put a pillow or cushion. In this case, you will not have to strain, holding his hand in the air for a long time. You can also sit on a low stool so that the hand holding the child, she in turn rested on bent knees. The child must be held so that his neck was not curved and was on the same level with the head. Ensure that the child's hands do not interfere with you when feeding.
Prepare the nipple. It is recommended to moisten his mother's milk. There is no consensus is to wash the breast immediately before the process or not. But the prevailing view, that the mother is enough to observe daily hygiene, as well as to pregnancy and childbirth, and a special disinfection of the chest may only damage your nipples.
Give the baby the breast. For this bring to his mouth the nipple touching the lip, provoke the opening of the mouth, and then move the baby to the breast. Sure that his mouth was not only the nipple but also the areola. This will increase the flow of milk and also minimizes possible injury of the chest when feeding. If necessary, help your child, lightly clutching his chest.
Ensure that the child is able to breathe freely when feeding. It does not prodavlivaet his nose close to his chest, giving him a chance to get oxygen.