You will need
  • assistant;
  • - baby bathtub;
  • - decoction of chamomile, or a solution of manganese;
  • thermometer;
  • - warm, large towel;
  • - detergent for babies;
  • - gauze cloth or Terry mitten;
  • - a jug of boiled water at 35-36 degrees for pouring.
Put the tub of 2-3 stools in the bath room if you do not have a more reliable fixture. Of course, if you need a large you can put a tray on the bottom of the tub or even bathe her child. But it is very inconvenient because it will be a big load on your back and hands, which can lead to traumatic for the baby situation.
Prepare the detergent for body and hair (only use a special tool for bathing babies), big, warm, fluffy towel, which you then wrap the baby. In a room with a cot put in advance a clean diaper and cap, powder, cream.
Pour into tray of boiled water cooled to 37 degrees (check with a thermometer, not the elbow!). You can add a decoction of chamomile, or a solution of manganese to pink.
Undress the baby in the crib or on the changing table (in the bathroom it would not be safe!) and bring one diaper in the pool. Be sure to wash your baby with helper. Best of all, if it will be a more experienced woman, but using her husband to neglect in any case not worth it.
Bathe your baby no more than 7-8 minutes. Before the procedure, wash the vulva, and then slowly lower into the water, holding the bent elbow of the left hand. Immerse baby up to the upper part of the chest. Head, neck and clavicle should remain above the water. Keep baby's head and back.
Let the baby get used to the water. Then begin to wash it. The first time you wash your baby with detergent, and then use it not more than 2 times a week with daily water procedures.
Baby gauze wash cloth or a Terry mitten. They are easy to wash and boil, they are soft and will not hurt the tender code baby. Wash your child in the following order: hair, from forehead to neck, behind ears, neck, armpits, hands, torso, groin, buttocks, legs. Then baby flip and wash the backrest and the back of the neck.
Watch carefully during the procedure the position of the child. The water should not fall into his ears and especially the mouth. Therefore, the infant must remain on the left forearm bathing.
In conclusion wash over the child out of the jar with boiled water whose temperature should be 1-2 degrees lower than in the bath. Wrap baby in a towel with his head.