If the car is not cleared, it means that this machine in the country is temporary. For example, if the owner is a citizen of Germany and lives and works in Russia, arrivals to the territory of the Russian Federation in his personal car be subject to customs clearance will not. However, if he going to sell it the citizen of Russia, then problems can occur. After all, the laws of the Russian Federation all the cars owned by the citizens of Russia should pass the customs control.
It is no secret that the cost of clearance is high enough, and it is a big part of the margin on the car. You can be clear of the vehicle, the foreigners who come to Russia to live and work. However, to avoid long import taxes will not work. Because the law permitted the importation of such vehicle for a period not exceeding one year. After this time the owner of the car needs to take it outside of the Russian Federation.
In addition, during this period of time a foreigner has no right to give in use to other individuals your car. Also it is forbidden to dispose of it and rewrite to another owner without obtaining clearance.
Alternatively, it is possible to avoid a large clearance, but only if you - a citizen of Belarus, Ukraine and other neighboring countries by Russia. The cost of customs control in these countries is much less. So you can buy a car abroad, you can arrange it in their home country, and then without problems to arrive to Russia and to use their car that have not passed customs clearance in the Russian Federation.
You can not customs clearance of a vehicle belonging to a foreign organization, but in the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the period of such stay is limited to half a year.
The very same procedure of import of bonded car on the territory of the Russian Federation is rather complicated. After all, custom signs his permission to use this car in Russia only for 2 weeks. Then need to go and extend this document.
If you are a Russian citizen and bought a car for personal use to travel around the territory of the Russian Federation with customs clearance have to hurry. By law Russians have 10 days to complete all the necessary procedures and register the car.