Go through a customs clearance procedure, if you are a resident and you need to bring removed from the register the car with the intent to sell her (the resident is a legal or natural person permanently registered or permanently residing in the country). The machine should not be older than 8 years. For the import car you have to make a Declaration and pay at the border import duties, excise tax and VAT. Customs also inspected the car to sanitary-and-hygienic and ecological control.
Complete clearance of importation at the customs point. If this car is inspected again. After you pay the fee you will be given permission to stage vehicles registered in the state traffic Inspectorate of Ukraine.
To avoid paying customs duties when importing a car to Ukraine is possible, if you are a non-resident of this state, and you rent it for personal use (non-resident - legal entity or physical person acting in one state, but is constantly registered and residing in another). The car thus should stand on the account in Russia. In this case it's called "temporary export of a vehicle" and the customs Declaration at the border to fill it is not need, duty, and fees to pay is not required.
To sell a car in Ukraine, imported in this way, the non-resident should be removed from his account in Russia, to make the alienation of a notary, to pass the inspection at the customs and pay the duty, excise duty, fees and VAT.
If you are a non-resident of Ukraine and import the car, registered in Russia, then you will need a certificate of registration of the vehicle or a power of attorney notarized marked "with the right to travel abroad," if you are not the owner of the machine. Of course, you must have a driver's license.
Buy Ukrainian policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of the vehicle owner. It can be arranged in front of the Russian checkpoint or after a Ukrainian checkpoint.
Put on record the car, temporarily imported to the territory of Ukraine, state traffic Inspectorate at the expiration of two months from the date of import of the car, or just "update" this time, leaving it on the border of Ukraine and returned back.
To avoid paying customs duties when importing a car you can if you move to Ukraine for permanent residence, and also if you are a resident of Ukraine and got the car in the inheritance in Russia.
Keep in mind that if you are resident of Ukraine, to drive a car is temporarily imported into its territory, you can only in the presence of the person of a nonresident who owns the car, otherwise the car waits for a garage and the owner - a large fine. By court decision, the car can be confiscated.