You will need
  • The time and place for rehearsals, minus a song or live musical accompaniment.
On stage you need to be able to hold on to, you need to be able to apply themselves, to look the case but it all the details. The first thing you need to remember: step on stage you are the audience some information, energy content, which should pass. You sing and not read the report, but this does not mean that you do not convey information. What you need to convey to the audience must always be in your head, you should miss it through. The song you will sing, listen to a few times. If it is the author's, put it on the recorder or just sing a few times. Try to feel that feeling and then convey to the viewer.
Get rid of shyness and fear of public. No matter how many people will look at you have ten or ten thousand, for you it's just the audience. Parents shouldn't expect them to condemn or low grades – you have the power to do everything to please them. If you have a persistent stage frightbefore performances start to work on yourself. The guarantee of victory over the fear of audience – excellent training. If its performance you will rehearse to perfection, then you're less afraid of failure. Ask your friends and family to gather and listen to you. By the way, many much more difficult to speak to loved ones than with a bunch of strangers, so if you defeat that fear to sing in front of an audience you will be much easier.
Rehearse. No matter where, what and how you sing. If you are engaged in a vocal professionally, contact when preparing for help to the teachers or just more experienced friends. Let them help you to put a voice to put the set design – how you move, what will you use gestures, how you will use the space of the scene. Rehearse as much as possible. Especially if you sing you will not cell and with the participation of musicians – to work in a team is quite difficult. If you have to perform on stage with the instrument, be sure to practice with her voice through the microphone and it sounds no different. If the speech is spontaneous and you just have no time to prepare carefully, make sure though that you know the text and melody of the song perfectly, and then improvise.
Consider their appearance. The scene calls for a certain image, and scenes and images are very different. It is not necessary to sing a folk song in an evening dress or shorts and t-shirt, and fiery dance song in folk costume. How you look will greatly affect the perception of you by the public.
Just sing the way you want and the way you feel, trying his song to convey lots of emotions and thoughts.