To get access to all the settings of sleep mode, right click mouse on the desktop and select the context menu item "Personalize" (Windows Vista and 7) or "Properties" (for Windows XP earlier).
Select "screen Saver" and click the active link "Change power settings". In the new dialog box, click "setting sleep mode" and select the required value for the command "put the computer to sleep". So you activate automatic transfer of the laptop in this mode.
You can set your laptop so that it goes into standby mode when you close the lid, and when opened again returned to operational status. To do this in the "Screensaver" dialog "Personalize", go to settings, power options.
From the menu in the left part of the window, select "Action when closing the lid", and then check the value of "Sleep" for the corresponding parameter. If you need to protect computer data from unauthorized persons, but here, activate the command on the prompt password upon awakening. Then when the laptop from sleep mode to start the system without a password will not be possible.
In addition, you can assign the power button laptop system action "hibernate". To do this, set the value of "Sleep" for the corresponding parameter in the same dialog where you set up the action of your operating system when you close the laptop lid.