If this day does not need to go to work, then you can start a holiday morning. Wake up your beloved with a kiss, offer a glass of dry wine and anything in the dessert, for example, juicy strawberries in the winter. The beginning of the day is sure to please the wife and give a good mood for both of you.
It is useful and festive Breakfast. Prepare in advance a new tablecloth, Cutlery, which will be a little surprise, symbolizing the beginning of a new year in life. In the original beautiful vase to put treats. It can be candy or cookies by the number of years of expensive birthday for the next years of his life were equally sweet.
Think ahead of time about the gift. He didn't disappoint the wife, delicately find out his desires. Take care of decent packaging and a little surprise, which can be applied as a congratulations. For example, if your sweetie wants to get a player, don't limit yourself to the usual purchase. Record a touching poem or a song in its execution - in honor of his birthday.
Always nice to get handmade things as a sign of family care and attention. Therefore, it is appropriate to give the album or notebook, each page of which is filled with lovely compliments sweetie. If you have a garden, decorate a small tree with fruit, flowers, notes with declarations of love. Let now it will be a good mascot for your husband.
For a celebratory dinner, choose an unusual place and not an ordinary cafe or restaurant. Venture into the winter woods, taking with him various Goodies. Have a picnic under a sprawling snow-covered spruce. And you can not go anywhere and not even get out of bed to spend the night in slumber, or more erotic-Nude. By the way, will bath in champagne for your husband. Passionate dance with a Striptease spectacular will conclude the celebration.