Advice 1: How to get in the past

The problem of time travel many of us care since childhood. Everyone was trying to solve the problem on its own: someone has climbed to the wardrobe, hoping to travel back to the Middle ages and see the live of knights in armor, someone, reviewing for the New year "Ivan", trying to build a time machine.
How to get in the past
The first thing that comes to mind is a time machine. This unit at the hearing at all, and many would like to create or have. Many heroes of books and movies to travel through time using time machine. Take the hero of Hg wells (the time Machine"), the heroes of the immortal film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation", and finally, the Marty McFly of the well-known American film "Back to the future. The time machine a lot of modifications, and every writer, screenwriter, film Director, seeks to invent his own. However, most of these invaluable devices are taking close to us and clear image - car, wardrobe and even a sofa.
However, the existence of a time machine can be attributed not only to the realm of fantasy. Physicists, mathematicians, astronomers - claim that time travel is possible, but it is not easy as described in books of science fiction writers. There are so-called "theory of wormhole, the essence of which is that different time plane can be connected, if the space will be curved. This theory is based on the General theory of relativity. In the understanding of the layman, these "wormholes" - as corridors between ages, between worlds. Maybe that's why Alice was in Wonderland it was at the burrow, even a rabbit, not a wormhole?..
If you get away from abstruse theories created by physicists and mathematicians, we can think about some of the places on earth that are associated with a particular energy (e.g., mazes of ancient people on the Solovetsky Islands). According to legend (and someone is trying to scientifically prove the existence of a source of supernatural power in these areas), these labyrinths were built by primitive people to evil spirits attempting to enter our world from another dimension, got confused halfway. Who knows, maybe these evil spirits only shadows from the past, and the gates to another world simply lead to a bygone era?..
Finally, whatever was up with physics and poetry, the most reliable way of travelling in the past is the human imagination. In order to awaken to life that our ability, produced films, written books. In your power to restore the past in my head. Imagine the era of Elizabeth I of England, see what suits then were, as were talking, what were the manners and values, what was food, what was the overall way of life. Of course, it needs a lot to read, but the result is worth it, isn't it? Just do not get carried away strongly and will not move inadvertently to Elizabeth at the Palace, and then in real life in this situation you is likely to wear a straitjacket.
Wherever you went - in the Rome of the epoch of Nero, or in the Istanbul of the fifties of the last century, or to the Wild West, or rather, in whatever era you going to stock up on food and hygiene products, and your stomach will hardly stand the test dishes of bygone peoples, and your delicate body, accustomed to the souls and gels - the test of sanitation blind spots of the Past. And take passport - suddenly on the edge of times you will stamp.

Advice 2 : How to get to the shooting of TV programs

Many say that with the advent of the Internet era of TV will soon be history. Nevertheless, many people continue to dream to "be on TV" hoping to become famous. That is why the modern Russian television there are many programs that offer this opportunity to any interested person. All kinds of "factory of stars", "Minute of fame", "You're funny", etc. For many people it is these that become the finest hour and happy ticket in the future.
How to get to the shooting of TV programs
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • - skills acting;
  • - presentable appearance;
The Internet to find the sites you are interested broadcasters. To make it not so difficult. To do this, type in the search engine "talk show", "TV program", "channel", etc. on the websites of the channels often users place bids to participate in the auditions for different TV shows.Such castings can both paid and volunteer. On many famous TV channels the participants of the talk show pay. Regardless of "talking" to this role or not. The average payment per day of shooting from 500 to 1000.
Sign up for an interview. To interview for a talk show simply. Especially if you are applying for the role of an ordinary spectator. Special requirements for potential viewers, TV channels are not put forward. The only thing you need - suitable age and presentable appearance.
Get ready for the interview responsibly. Carefully observe their appearance. Hair, makeup, clothes - everything should be neat. If employers have any special requirements for appearance, it is better to observe them. For example, if an unacceptable piercing, tattoos, and heavy makeup - it is better to follow the advice and not use them or to hide.
Keep in mind that "talking" participants of the programs can be put forward special requirements. For example, acting education, competent speech, voice, experience on similar projects. You may be asked to sing a short acting etude on a given topic or passage from the script.
There are some casting agencies that supposedly provide the chance to get on TV or in the movies. For filling out the questionnaire they usually take a lot of money. As a rule, potential participants of the TV show then no one calls back. Be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.
Useful advice
At the interview, act like you can be more relaxed. Try to remember and to make a favorable impression on employers.

Advice 3 : How to get to the Prosecutor

To get a job in the Prosecutor's office is a cherished dream of many people in our country. But it's not enough to have a diploma from a state law higher institutions. This power structure is almost impossible to get "off the street". Sometimes even people who have been there every year a student practices, are not suitable for the service. People got the confidence that with the help of influential friends or relatives working in the Prosecutor's office, to get there is quite impossible. But it's not.
How to get to the Prosecutor
Contact the personnel service of the local Department of the Prosecutor's office. There you can find information on reception of citizens at the service. You to explain in detail the rules of admission and provide a complete package of forms for collecting documents and direction on the medical Commission. Collect documents such as: passport, photocopies of the parents ' passports, a certificate from the local police Department about your lack of a criminal record, characteristics from the last place of work or school.
After a successful medical examination you will need to be tested on knowledge of the criminal code and interview with a psychologist. During the conversation with the psychologist be prepared for tricky questions and try to make a positive impression and to tell about important moments of life, which could affect employment.
If you fit all the criteria of service in the Prosecutor's office, the staff will enter you into the reserve part of the Department. This means that you will receive your post immediately, but after you quit or retire the employee. This waiting could drag on for much years. Not to sit home waiting for a phone call from the division of the frame, you can get a job in the Prosecutor's office on a Pro-Bono work, and to do various errands. After some time you can ask your head of Department to write a report order to accept you into the staff.
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