Advice 1: How to get in the past

The problem of time travel many of us care since childhood. Everyone was trying to solve the problem on its own: someone has climbed to the wardrobe, hoping to travel back to the Middle ages and see the live of knights in armor, someone, reviewing for the New year "Ivan", trying to build a time machine.
How to get in the past
The first thing that comes to mind is a time machine. This unit at the hearing at all, and many would like to create or have. Many heroes of books and movies to travel through time using time machine. Take the hero of Hg wells (the time Machine"), the heroes of the immortal film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation", and finally, the Marty McFly of the well-known American film "Back to the future. The time machine a lot of modifications, and every writer, screenwriter, film Director, seeks to invent his own. However, most of these invaluable devices are taking close to us and clear image - car, wardrobe and even a sofa.
However, the existence of a time machine can be attributed not only to the realm of fantasy. Physicists, mathematicians, astronomers - claim that time travel is possible, but it is not easy as described in books of science fiction writers. There are so-called "theory of wormhole, the essence of which is that different time plane can be connected, if the space will be curved. This theory is based on the General theory of relativity. In the understanding of the layman, these "wormholes" - as corridors between ages, between worlds. Maybe that's why Alice was in Wonderland it was at the burrow, even a rabbit, not a wormhole?..
If you get away from abstruse theories created by physicists and mathematicians, we can think about some of the places on earth that are associated with a particular energy (e.g., mazes of ancient people on the Solovetsky Islands). According to legend (and someone is trying to scientifically prove the existence of a source of supernatural power in these areas), these labyrinths were built by primitive people to evil spirits attempting to enter our world from another dimension, got confused halfway. Who knows, maybe these evil spirits only shadows from the past, and the gates to another world simply lead to a bygone era?..
Finally, whatever was up with physics and poetry, the most reliable way of travelling in the past is the human imagination. In order to awaken to life that our ability, produced films, written books. In your power to restore the past in my head. Imagine the era of Elizabeth I of England, see what suits then were, as were talking, what were the manners and values, what was food, what was the overall way of life. Of course, it needs a lot to read, but the result is worth it, isn't it? Just do not get carried away strongly and will not move inadvertently to Elizabeth at the Palace, and then in real life in this situation you is likely to wear a straitjacket.
Wherever you went - in the Rome of the epoch of Nero, or in the Istanbul of the fifties of the last century, or to the Wild West, or rather, in whatever era you going to stock up on food and hygiene products, and your stomach will hardly stand the test dishes of bygone peoples, and your delicate body, accustomed to the souls and gels - the test of sanitation blind spots of the Past. And take passport - suddenly on the edge of times you will stamp.

Advice 2 : Echoes of the past: whether to return to the days of paper letters?

With the spread of the Internet around the late 90s earlier extremely popular hobby - paper correspondence, has gone almost to nothing. Today, with a rather acute shortage of cordiality and genuine emotions of interest to this hobby starts to return eventually.
 Echoes of the past: whether to return to the days of paper letters?

Indeed, in the pursuit of immediacy and the ease of communication man has deprived himself of more important things that trying to fix the modern lovers paper correspondence.

Why not give children the opportunity to gain new experiences, to give joy? Many will remember the magic atmosphere of the holiday - work on the creation of the letter and send it with the expectation of a miracle. In the postal service Santa (or our Santa Claus) employs about 3000 employees, which gives the winter favorite for the second place in popularity after the Pope.

This lesson has incredible potential in expanding its horizons to gain new knowledge, learn and practice foreign languages. It is possible to find true friends not only from our country but from around the world!

Many people do not have enough words to Express what is in their hearts or mind. A great way to come to self-development. But that's not why I'm afraid to start communicating with messages - most important is sincerity, sincerity and friendliness.

Chatting you can say anything to. Myself and family, about the mood or feelings about travel and adventure, Hobbies and that can not be tolerated. In the world of paper mail, you receive the opportunity to speak out, a chance to obtain understanding and support.

There are interlocutors, which are exclusively thematic dialogues and discussions. Finally, detailed understanding of the interesting topics with the help of another person - a valuable opportunity.

The Iranian Hossein Mohammad Technologo once wrote the longest letter in the world. It was a response to a letter of rebuke to his friend, who was complaining about the long silence of Hosseini. 150 metres paper with a weight of 2 kg - a detailed story about their everyday chores took an Iranian for 4 hours a day for 13 months!

The most ardent old-school email users are teenagers, which influenced the tradition of sending the letter. It became fashionable to make the envelope yourself or to make ready, giving it the originality, expressing imagination and your affection to the recipient. In the envelope except the letter, you can attach a photo, a small hand-made gifts, tea or hot chocolate, not too bulky magnets, dried plants, calendars, pieces of paper with poems and wishes, as well as many other things.

Interlocutor anywhere in the world can be found on specialized websites and forums dedicated to the subject. An interesting solution would be treatment in nursing homes or in hospitals - why not support people, to give them a little heat? Without a doubt, in response, the sender will receive no less than of generosity.

For the sloths will be the actual postcrossing. This project was created for the exchange of postcards, which have the opportunity to use everyone. The principle of sharing is the base of project participants, determine addresses that are issued for the minimum difference between sent and received postcards.


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