Scholars suggest that the passages in parallel worlds can be black holes. This theory was called the theory of wormholes tunnels or worm transitions. Agree with her leading physicists of the world. However, the space is so far from the average person. There is the assumption that doors to other worlds exist on Earth. So, on our planet there are many so-called anomalous zones. This is the place where especially often people disappear, where eyewitnesses regularly observed the appearance of UFOs or strange and strange animals. Such zones around the world hundreds. Most likely, there are the so-called spatial window.
This, for example, the mountain of the Dead in the Sverdlovsk region, Windy Enicov in the Czech Republic, a Long Pass and the Road to nowhere in the United States, the Valley of Black Bamboo in China, the Bloody meadow in Krasnoyarsk region, the Valley of Ghosts in Demirci (Crimea), the Devil's Trap in Italy, the island of the haunted man in the UK, the Valley of Torquilla in France, etc.
If you have sufficient courage and adventurous nature, you can try to go to one of these zones and try your luck. But is it worth it? After all, the consequences are unpredictable.
How to get into parallel worlds
Perhaps it is better not to travel, and to learn to penetrate into parallel worlds, developing their perception. Have you wondered why all kids love fairy tales? The fact that they still remember those worlds that are seen before birth. Born in our world, they first can't get used to living in such a restricted range. That is why children can see mermaids, hobgoblins, and other entities that are in parallel worlds next to ours.
Feel parallel worlds not only children, but also storytellers, and sensitive people who think differently. If you take fairy tales seriously as scientific literature, you can gradually find a way to achieve the necessary vibration and to open the door to a parallel world. After all, the author who wrote the tale filled her with energy from the world described. It gave off a vibration in the rhythm of this world. With these vibrations the communication channel or wormhole are kept open.
How to get into parallel worlds
So, in order to penetrate into parallel worlds, you have to believe in success. In addition, the need to overcome the greed and the desire to do Evil. All parallel worlds have a mirror axis, so they are similar. To return to our world, we need to restore the old vibration.
To make the vibrations more subtle and to get into a parallel world, it is necessary to strengthen the desire to get there. When you concentrate on the dream slowly time starts to flow slower, it can be understood by amplifying the sound of the ticking clock. Then will come the insight that light up the brain, like a bright flash. After that, via will be two parallel worlds that will exchange information.
How to get into parallel worlds