Advice 1: How to remember the past

Memories of the past fade from memory. In them hiding the origins of phobias, fears, depressions. And, reviving past sensations, it's easy to get rid of baggage that does not to enjoy life to the fullest.
How to remember the past
Reliving the past can be if the mind does not put the barrier. They usually protect too heavy memories, events that caused a lot of stress. Through this barrier to break will be able only a professional psychologist. But most of the events you can remember yourself, the main thing - a correct spirit.
You will need to conduct psychoanalysis independently. To do this, decide which period you want to remember. Try to find the objects that surrounded you then. Assemble them together. Prepare a notebook, a pen - you will record all the memories and feelings that will surface during the session.
To hold a session of memories it alone. Close the door and Windows so the noise doesn't distract you. Slide the curtains. Sit comfortably on a chair or sofa. Next put a small table or chair where you place things from the past, a notebook and a pen.
Close your eyes, relax. Feel the heaviness and warmth in the limbs. Disable the senses - you can't see, hear, is only consciousness. Start to move into the past from today. You sit in the chair, stood, and prepared everything for the session, morning, then night, you are asleep... Then enjoy the memories, think about the significant events that happened to you during a certain period. Closer to the date, try to remember details. The more detail the better. From time to time look at things that are in front of you. All the feelings and memories write in a notebook. When you realize that nothing more can't remember - stop session.
Following session work with a notebook, purposefully tuning in the events. Relax, close your eyes and think about every written offer. In the process you will receive more detailed memories. All mark in the notebook. Thus it is possible almost completely to restore an event seemingly erased from memory forever.

Advice 2 : How to remember past life

To recall past lives – the idea seems incredible, but people versed in the esoteric and ancient Eastern teachings argue that, having reached a certain level of knowledge and development, to remember their lives and everyone can.
There are a number of methods, based on long years of meditation and working with consciousness. For example, a method called "rainbow", the efficiency of which is manifested in regular practices.
He saw pictures of a past life, do you recognize yourself?
Select the position of the body in which you feel yourself most comfortable (sitting or lying). Close your eyes and try to relax.

The Foundation of meditation - the purification of consciousness from all thoughts, imagine a broom that sweeps them at the first appearance. At first, achieving a clear state will not be easy, but the feeling of bliss is worth it.
Work with the breath, align it, this will also help you in the process of meditation. On the count of four take a deep breath, then the same hold your breath and exhale on the count of four.
Continue to breathe this way and enjoy the achieved condition. Soon you will feel your body heavy, like an enormous glacier. Remember this condition. Then imagine your body is incredibly light, lighter than a cloud, floating in the sky.
The main goal at this stage is not to fall asleep. As soon as you feel the possibility of this, continue to work with consciousness. Take a look at yourself. Remember and concentrate on his main task – to remember his past life. The emotions and feelings that arise for you in this moment, are the key to unlocking the secrets of your past.
Continue to breathe normally, collect full lungs of air, do not lose the relaxation of the body and purity of mind.
Now imagine turns colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, violet. Fix the arisen feeling.

Then stop, at this moment you can see pictures of his past life. Of course, the visions will come to you immediately, but the main thing is not to stop and continue the practice.
Repeat the previous exercise, presenting the colors in the reverse order.
Now bring the breath in his normal state. Inhale as deeply and stretch the body.
RUB your palms together until they warm up, and apply them to your closed eyes. Imagine and feel the heat from his hands transferred to the eyes and face.
Now open your eyes and remove them from the palm of your hand. Stand up slowly without making any sudden movements. Your condition looks like, where you come out of sleep, so do not load yourself, relax a while and move on to something easy.

Practicing this method for a long time, you will begin to notice new pictures that are not associated with your present life, but is clearly associated with you. Hear voices, including your past and your environment. Most importantly, do not stop started and memories of your past lives will punish you in this life.
Remembering past lives through dreams can be very productive, so now we'll look at how to recall past lives through dream, and then consider another method how to remember past lives, been a little more complex in execution. The reception, which I want to share with you is this, when you go to sleep say to yourself something like this “In the dream, I go where I will show my past life.”
Useful advice
How to recall past lives. Again ask yourself the question. It sounds very simply – “Why am I doing this?” This effect on the memory mechanism of the emotional factor, ie, astral influence. The same thing happens, apparently, with the mechanism of reproduction of memories of past lives if it is enacted. Such experiments are known and distributed in the form of regressive hypnosis, meditations with care in the “past” and other techniques for working with the subconscious.
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