Check the settings of the game. First, the presence of the radar determines the appropriate item in the menu "Options" - "Interface", which is to remove at any time.
Use the console. Start the main settings dialog by putting a check mark beside "Activate console". After starting a single player game (to avoid distractions), press tilde (~). In the appearing command prompt, you can enter internal commands: for enabling and disabling radar correspond to codes drawradar and hideradar. You can also use the command cl_radartype with a value of 0 or 1 to enable or disable the transparency of the minimap.
Search the Internet and download for the game Counter-Strike file hud.txt if the entering console commands did not help to disable the radar. Perhaps the current instance of it could be corrupted or replaced by incorrect (for example, when installing mods). New file put in a subfolder games /cstrike.
Try to install the cheats. In addition to popular aimbot or wallhack there is a cheat RADAR that shows on the map as your enemies and allies. Of course, he provides an invaluable advantage in tactics, but at the same time is a dishonest move. To control the radar download to your computer the modification of the RADAR, unpacking it in the root folder of the game. Run the file with the extension *.exe with the activating the cheat key. After starting the game go to the server and click on the desired button two times, this way you will be able to turn on the radar and then remove it from the screen.
Change skin radar, making it more invisible or completely transparent. To do this yourself, or download and unpack to any convenient computer the archive containing the new image of the radar. Inside you will find several files with the format *.spr. Copy them in the folder /sprites, which is located in the root directory. The coincidence of the names of any files feel free to delete the old version (or backup recovery). If the specified folder does not exist, create it yourself.