Article 574 of the civil code reglamentary contractual relations arising from the contract of donation, which can be concluded both in written and in oral form. In the case when it comes to real estate, the contract must be concluded only in written form because it needs to be registered according to the Federal law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it".
The donation contract real estate two-way, since the receiver should also confirm their will agree to accept the gift. You can make it yourself. The text of the Treaty, after the words "I" or "We" write the full name, patronymic and surname of the donor or donors. Specify the nationality, gender, date and place of birth, passport data, registration address, complete the information part of the giver: "on the one hand, and", and then list all the details concerning the receiver. Describe the object of the gift, sign the contract.
It does not come into force until until it is registered with the state registration. Rights shall be transferred only on the condition of the relevant entry in the Unified state register of real property rights. According to section 3 of article 433, paragraph 3, article 574 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to register not only the transfer of ownership, but the deed of gift.
Write an application to the state registration bodies with a request to register a new right to property and attach documents confirming the right of ownership of the donor. The statement is written on behalf of the donor or the donee. If the donor or the donee may not act independently, on their behalf are duly authorized person having a properly executed and notarized power of attorney.
The statement include, in addition to all the necessary data about the donor and the donee, the name of the donation contract, the data about the property (his name, address and cadastral number). Do not forget to put the date and sign. Attach to the application a receipt for payment of the state fee, the passport, the originals of the donation contract in two copies, the original plan of the dwelling and its technical passport. You will also need the original and a copy of the persons having the right of use of immovable property, specifying this right, they must be certified by an official responsible for registration of citizens by place of stay and place of residence.