Contact the notary for registration of the deed on the apartment. A qualified technician will tell you the subtleties and nuances of proper documents and safe from possible mistakes. Also make a donation at the notary has the advantage that in the case of lost or missing documents, you can always get them a certified copy.
You must register decorated the deed to an apartment in Federal registration service (FRS). Submit the notarized deed and the required documents to the office of the FRS. Remember that the right of ownership of the apartment will pass to the donee entity after state registration.
Remember that the donor for the registration of the deed on his apartment should prepare the following documents:
• Passport or other identity documents of both parties;
• Certificate of state registration of ownership rights transferred in the gift of the apartment;
• Cadastral passport of the apartment, which executed the deed;
• A document confirming the right of ownership of the donor by donation in the area of the apartment, certified by an official responsible for registration of citizens by place of residence;
• The deed of gift of premises;
• Certificate from the BTI, indicating the inventory assessment of the apartment transferred by gratuitous title;
• Consent of a guardian in the event that if one of the parties has not reached the age of majority or incapacitated;
• Agreement on trust make a donation for the apartment, if the donation contract is issued by the authorized proxy entity;
• Information about registered persons in the expropriated donation at the apartment at the time of conclusion of the contract of donation;
• The consent of the donor spouse, notarized, if sent with a dedicatory apartment is the joint property of the spouses.