The peculiarity of the contract of donation is that it is made in the prescribed form and shall be notarized. Violation of notarial form makes the conclusion of the contract of donation void. Be aware that the parties to the contract of donation can be made only by capable persons. Minors and legally incapacitated citizens there may be one of the parties to the contract only when consent to the transaction of their legitimate representatives (Trustees, parents).

The deed of gift indicates that the receiver, i.e. the person to whom the property, agree to receive it. This document is subject to mandatory state registration. Requirements for execution of the agreement depend on the fact that is its object. If the deed of gift transfer of real estate, the transaction must be registered in Federal registration service (FRS).

Before passing the donation contract on the state registration it is necessary to notarize. It will help to make the document correctly, to avoid legal and semantic errors. Notary certifies that the parties to the contract are legally capable citizens, and at the time of signing was of sound mind. After the two sides will sign a donation contract, the notary will certify it with his signature. The procedure of certification of agreement ends. Further he registers at the fed.

With regard to real estate, such as a car, assure the donation contract is not necessarily required. In this case, the parties may wish to assure the contract at the notary. For this to the notary's office need to submit documentation of the receiver and the giver, the vehicle passport, the certificate about the cost of transport.