You will need
  • - the recorder;
  • - feed.
To start working with your parrot should not directly with training, and adapt purchased birds to new conditions. She needs to get used to the house and to you. A parrot should not be afraid of sit on your hand and shoulder. He needs to know you, to communicate with you. The most important thing in this matter is trust. Before you start training, you must train the bird yourself.
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So the parrot is not afraid to take food from your hands, start small. At first, put pieces of food through the bars of the cage. Sooner or later she will get bold and take this piece. Then you can start to reach out to him. When a parrot gets used to the hands, begin to release it from the cell. Eventually it should start to come to you on your call and sit on your hand or shoulder.
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To respond, the parrot needs to remember your name. There's a lot of effort is required. Just repeat his name as often as possible. Best birds names with hissing letters.
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Parrot needs to behave and not to bite. To teach his exemplary behavior, you need to behave humanely. In this case, it means not only respect for the bird. You in any case should not do in her presence any sudden movements, they fear it. Especially careful you have to be in the first days after the purchase of a parrot. If a parrot you took the bait, try not to draw back a little too sharply. Sometimes they just play. Weaning the bird from the bad habit, in any case, don't raise your voice. Speak clearly, expressively and safely. Words of course, they don't understand, but catch the tone very clearly.
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If you want to teach a parrot to talk, keep in mind that talk for the most part males. Let's start with the most simple: your name, the name of parrot, individual words. Record something on the recorder and play the recording during the 40 minutes if you have no time. Later you can teach the bird the whole expression.
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