Moving to a new place getlistvalue to remember that moving to a new place and change of ownership is a big stress for adult wavy parrot. Therefore, bringing the bird home, give the parrot the ability to move from carrying into the new cage. Be very careful and ensure that the parrot is not fluttered into the room. Do not touch the bird with our hands - on the background of stress this can cause sustained negative attitude towards you.Lock the cage and let the parrot the opportunity to come and explore its new home. Leave the parrot alone in the room and try not to disturb during the day. Do not worry if on the first day the parrot will sit still and not be anything to react - is quite acceptable.
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The first week of stay in new Domostroitel the cage at the level of their eyes. In the first week come to the cage with a wavy parrot only if necessary. But at the same time, doing their own thing, try to make the new tenant could watch you and get used to your appearance.Do not allow children and other family members to get closer to the cell and moreover, to touch the bird with your hands. Changing food and water, try not to make any sudden movements. Talk to the parrot soothing, gentle tone, often say his name. During the first week of a parrot in your home to clean his cage is not recommended. Try to make sure that the cage was for a parrot the most calm and safe place in your apartment.
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Proceed to the domestication of the parrotAt the beginning of the second week you can start training on the domestication of birds. Put night feeder with food. In the morning, when your pet gets hungry, wash your hands thoroughly in running water, sprinkle a little food on hand and gently place your hand in the cage of the parrot. Be aware that parrots do not like strong smells and are reluctant to hand if she smells like cigarettes or perfume. Ensure that all your movements were slow and smooth, otherwise the bird may become frightened. Wait until the parrot will eat all the food from your palm. After that, bring the feeder in place. Daily repeat this exercise.Make sure that the parrot calmly and without fear take food from your palm. Let's complicate the task - move the hand with the food so that the parrot was forced to sit on your hand. After some time, invite him to sit on your finger.Wavy parrot, which calmly sits on the arm can be released to fly around the apartment. Before you release the bird, don't forget to take safety precautions - close the balcony door and window, curtain the Windows and cover the mirrors. Do not allow the parrot sits on the couches and floor.After a month with a parrot cage can be kept open.
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