A trip to the Opera house, choose a more sophisticated outfit than everyday outfit. It should not be showy, loud colors and flashy style. Remember about harmony and style.
Women prefer to wear to the Opera in evening dress, especially for the premiere. Since musical performances are often given in the evening, it would be appropriate attire with bare shoulders or cleavage on your chest. But remember that dekolirovaniya to pick up the clothes you need with regard to age and complexion: women with signs of aging skin or very thin neckline is not recommended.
For evening dress you can wear a silk, lace or any thin gloves to match. Act according to the rule: the shorter the dress sleeve, the longer should be the gloves and Vice versa. On the glove you can wear the bracelet, not the ring.
In addition, the evening dress perfectly complement the elegant festive shoes. In the cold season take them as interchangeable Shoe, because womens dress winter boots looks ridiculous, but because to combine them is unacceptable.
If you go to the Opera on a weekday after work, and time to stop home and change will not work, put on a casual suit and complement it with accessories that will lend a more festive look: belt, brooch, necklace, stole, etc.
Men's etiquette includes a visit to the theatre in a Tux, however, it is possible to replace an ordinary business suit of dark color. To tuxedo wear white shirt, black vest, black silk belt, bow tie, black shoes and dark socks. To a simple suit, choose a white or beige shirt, pearl-gray or silver-gray tie, vest to match the jacket and black boots.
If you go to the Opera together, in advance agree on the style of clothing both in evening dresses or in a simple but elegant conservative dresses or something trendy and stylish, acceptable for theatre. In any case, consider their appearance in advance.
In Opera it is not necessary to wear hats and make updo: they will not interfere with the spectators sitting behind you. Also remember that invalid strong perfume, Cologne, the smell of mothballs from clothing.