Please note a dress code. You came in jeans and other guests in the evening dresses; you velvet, and everyone else is in shorts? Often difficult to determine on what basis to pick up clothes and what better to wear to look the part. If a dress code was not originally stated in the invitation, you can safely proceed to the choice. Most importantly, find out in advance the theme of the festive evening, then you will not go wrong with the choice.
Less Shine. Very often, choosing clothes for the holiday, many women prefer shiny outfits. Dresses of gold brocade embellished with beadwork, pants with a metallic sheen look impressive, but often too aggressively. Besides, a lot of lights is staggering. Such things are better suited for Nightclubs. If you do decide to dazzle the guests of the festive event, just try to refocus. For example, wear a simple black dress and shoes decorated with crystals.
Prefer discreet along. Regardless of the topic of the holiday, try to pick up moderately revealing clothing. Skirt, more like a belt, sweater with a huge neck it is best to leave for a club or meeting with a loved one. To flatter your figure simply choose the "correct" outfit. Frank blouse will perfectly match with a simple sweater, a cropped jacket the caller will create intrigue in a pair of classic trousers. The main rule: do not overdo it. Exclusively hints!
Little black dress. If you knocked down in search of a suitable outfit – your little black dress. This versatile outfit is suitable for absolutely any occasion, whether a wedding of a friend, birthday or just meeting friends. Most importantly, pick the right accessories. For example, the official party – more vintage accessories: jacket, elegant shoes, not a lot of decorations. And at a party with friends in eye – catching accessories: a large, bright tippet (in summer silk or chiffon winter – wool), solid and bright jewelry.