Going to the theatre is a secular event

Most of the plays are passes after seven o'clock in the evening. Existing rules of etiquette and dress code argue that after this time, the heels have become taller and thinner, makeup brighter, skirt - long, blow - harder, and bag - less.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the theater, the presentation format of the typical public. However, in almost every case (if you go to the theater from home, not from the office) simple and elegant cocktail dress is the perfect option. However, you can wear a long dress (casual, not formal), a set of skirts and silk blouses and any variations on a given theme. It is desirable that the clothes were made of fine, expensive materials like real silk, noble and deep colors. Dark green, Burgundy, blueberry — all great colors for "theatre" of clothing.

Despite changing traditions, it makes sense to take a trip to the theatre as release. The modern pace of life forces you to forget about the classic rules of the visit to the theater, many people go on shows after work without changing clothes, which is not always allows them to enjoy the event itself because it is not perceived as something special.

Modify your everyday wardrobe

Of course, if you have the opportunity to go to the theater after work, you need to use it. Only it is desirable initially to consider how to transform everyday work clothes into something more festive. For example, under strict working jacket to wear this blouse dressy or grab a scarf. Sometimes the simple casual look can be changed with brighter makeup. Lipstick saturated colors quite different emphases, to draw attention to the face, will create a special mood.

If you are travelling by car, bring to the theatre a beautiful pair of shoes. First, to spend two or three hours in the light of practical shoes are much nicer than in the heavy street shoes. Secondly, well-chosen shoes can transform your outfit. If you are not able to carry a change of shoes, right, select "street". For theater perfect elegant boots on a small heel or ankle boots. With such footwear looks good clothing with long sleeves, for example, a knitted dress or a fitted jacket.

It is not necessary to wear to the theater hats, headbands with massive flowers or to do the updo. This may prevent the spectators who will sit for you.