You will need
  • – analysis of consumer demand;
  • – market analysis (the number of competitive organizations and the approximate turnover);
  • – business plan;
  • – start-up capital;
  • – a package of documents for registration of IP, LLC and others (a statement in the approved form, original and copy of Charter, minutes of founders ' meeting, documents about opening a Bank account, receipt of payment of registration fee).
Analyze consumer demand for services of nannies in your community. For exact values you will also need statistics on births in the last 5-7 years. Remember that an insufficient number of kindergartens in the region is a positive factor that will lead to profitability of the project. Also on hand will be the lack or insufficient number of competitors. Analysis of market participants should be carried out in detail: the estimated turnover, number of orders per month of state workers, known on a regional scale, etc.
Start preparing a business plan. As participants of the market, large initial investments , the Agency for recruiting nurses is not required. Depending on the region they can be from 250-500 thousand. This amount includes: room rental for 3 months, the payroll staff (Director, coordinator, Secretary), advertising costs and other expenses. The payback period of the Agency, as a rule, is not more than 2 years.
Develop a contractual policy of the future. The experience of market participants shows that the best option is to sign an agreement for the provision of services. Some nannies register FE, however, this practice is typical for large cities. The employment relationship between the two companies preferable in cases when the Agencym and staff established a trusting relationship.
Prepare registration documents for submission to the Office of the tax service, and submit them to the office Department according to place of residence. Agency providing childcare services does not require licensing, but the experience of market participants shows that not all businesses are able to maintain the profitability of the project on these services. Beforehand make the list of activities of providing services Tutors, aides, etc. After receiving the certificate you can rent an office, recruit staff, start an advertising campaign and get to work.