Stop fussing

If you are trying to do everything and therefore live in a fast pace, you can understand, but also regret. Because of the haste you don't notice what's happening around. For your pleasure is important to be able to contemplate, and it takes time.

Think about where you do so take your time dining in the workplace and not noticing the taste of the food. Why rush, walking down the street when you can enjoy the wonderful weather and the beauty of the world. Why do you cut the conversation with loved ones, in order to quickly return to infinite cases.

Learn to enjoy

To live here and now is not given to everyone. Some individuals this art still need to learn. However, if you wish, you can master this technique, important for a happy, full, multifaceted life.

Doing something, get involved in the process fully. Don't let your thoughts stray out of concern about the future or regrets about the past. For reflection set aside time. When you're a hundred percent absorbed in what you are doing, you can feel the taste of life.

Even small actions will bring a lot of pleasure. Missing the moment through all the senses, you will receive a true pleasure. With this technique, you will become more thoughtful, deep person.

Learn to relax in the full sense of the word. Some people find it difficult to calm down. They can't stand to do nothing. They definitely need something to occupy their time. Exactly this attitude leads to haste and impatience. Excessive activity can keep the body in constant tension. Force yourself to calm down, focus on your breathing or take a relaxing bath.

Work with the arrangement

Do not try to do everything at once. Moreover, it may affect the quality of work performed. You will not be able to penetrate deeply in the process and live it as it should. Finally understand that this is your life: what you are doing at the moment. And if you are in a hurry and in parallel doing something else in the head is formed of a mess, and you live like a dream.

Complete one task, then proceed to the next. You will get satisfaction from the completed process and will continue to be in a calm, relaxed state. Get rid of your impatience, it prevents you to perceive the reality.

Do not demand too much of yourself. Prioritize and do first the main things. Don't worry, if something from the list will remain for another day. Life will not get worse, and your mood and sanity is worth to keep. Understand that the ability to enjoy life depends on whether you live in constant stress or keep a comfortable pace.