You will need
  • Wall, pen, ruler.
It should be noted immediately that the xenon you need to configure mandatory. This is necessary not only for correct illumination of the road, but also to traveling towards the drivers were not blinded. The block itself is a xenonbut it is better to install in a specialized center, in order to avoid incorrect installation. The setting of the headlights you can do yourself. You need to find a flat wall. It is also necessary that before the wall was flat ground. For this purpose the best suited wall in the service station because the asphalt on the street can be rough.
Get the car close to the wall. The distance between the bumper and the wall should be minimal. You can attach a piece of foam to the bumper to inadvertently damage it on the wall. On the wall with a marker or chalk, mark vertical lines in the center of the car and the center of each of the lamps. Ensure that the lines were perpendicular to the bottom edge of the wall. Now roll the car for exactly 7.5 meters from the wall. Through the points of centers of the lamps draw a horizontal line. Below this line you must have another line which is parallel to it and positioned below exactly 7.62 centimetres.
Now turn on the dim headlights of the car. On the back side of each of each headlight, locate the adjustment bolts. By changing their position, it is necessary to find the optimal position of the light beam. You need to ensure that the upper edge of the Central light beam touched the bottom line. In this case both beams should be symmetrical relative to the center of the lamps. The adjustment procedure should be done in the dark or in low light to clearly see on the wall the location of the light beam. If you set up the light on the street, then wait for nightfall. The high beam will be automatically set if you have properly configured the middle.