To get started register as an individual entrepreneur. After oformiteli, you can begin to organize their own guest house.
Guide the monitoring of the area where you want to start your own business. Determine the best location of your guest house. Then calculate how many rooms and people you want to make your mini-hotel. On this depends the whole calculation in your project. Usually in guest houses no more than 5-10 rooms.
If you have a ready-made structure, it is a great advantage. Will only need to bring it to mind — to build, repair, etc. When building a new home your costs will increase significantly.
After the house is ready, get its decoration and content. Consider how many rooms should be beds, purchase them. Make sure to prepare a change of clothes. Lay in the estimate of 2-3 sets for 2 weeks of accommodation in each room.
Consider installing a split system, TV, refrigerator and other useful appliances, to ensure travelers a comfortable stay.
The design of the kitchen also takes a lot of effort and Finance. After all, it is necessary that it was comfortable and convenient for all the guests. So, you need to fill it with all the household stuff — utensils, utility tools, etc. If you want to make your guest house more and more system power when you are helping to serve customers, consider this area. Is that it was Autonomous from the common kitchen. In addition you have to consider daily menu.
Be sure to take care of personnel. Part of the work can fulfill your family members or yourself. For example, men can make repairs, perform grocery shopping, arrange Shuttle service, etc. Women can do the cooking, cleaning, etc.