First, determine the place where will be located the base of rest. The most popular scenic spots. Forests, natural waters attract travelersing its capabilities: you can fish, swim in summer, go for mushrooms, berries and just a breath of fresh air.
Determine whether you will build the base of rest "from scratch" or will acquire under its organization the abandoned children's camp or idle sanatorium. In any case, agree on the choice of a land plot for the construction or purchase of the territory with the premises the property of the district or city. After receiving permission for construction, develop a construction project which needs to be agreed with all authorities and provide for public examination. The package permits include a topographic plan of the land plot, the documents for the cadastral registration of the report on the technical conditions for connection of object to networks of technical provision and etc.
When carrying out construction and finishing works, consider the seasonal nature of the object. If you have decided that the base of rest will work all year round, to build a capital structure, buy winter gear for active recreation (snowmobiles, ski equipment, etc.) Your business project will be much more successful if the rest won't stand closed in the offseason.
Before you determine a pricing policy, analyze the market of services offered by potential competitors nearby bases of rest. Thus you will identify the competitiveness of its enterprises and its advantages.
Offer your potential customers with the most varied holiday. Arrange a place for bathing, purchase of various sports equipment. You can build a Russian steam bath and swimming pool. Good fun to be riding.
Take care of advertising campaign in mass media, the Internet, on local radio stations. Organize a reliable protection of bases of rest, to the safety of customers did not arouse doubts.