The hotel business is a sector of economic activity providing services to the population in temporary accommodation. Placement people can be hotel, Motel, Guesthouse, camping or other object with the number of seats not less than ten. Russian GOST R 51185-98 "Tourism services. The accommodation facility. General requirements and classifications of the world tourism organization define more than twenty different properties, the main type is the hotel.

The company engaged the management in a large hotel, called the hotel operator. To be competitive, hotel operators are combined in the international hotel chain, and strive to become the owners of the hotels. Small hotels in Russia are considered to be objects with number of seats less than 50, other regulations in this industry is not developed. The distribution of the flow of guests between the large chain hotels and small hotels all over the world about the same — 60% of visitors are welcome networkers, 40% served by small hotels.

The hotel business although an independent branch of the economy depends on tourist business, because tourists are the main consumers of hotels. To meet the growing requirements of the guests of the hotel needs to develop multifunctional services — open at hotels, restaurants, health clubs and spas. The development of associated areas of the services sector allows us to attract investors from related industries. An essential requirement for a hotel is availability of Internet access, provision and communication.

The hotel business offers along with accommodation services in conducting on-site hotel complexes of various seminars, business meetings, trainings, etc.

In the development of small hotel business special emphasis is placed on the individuality of each small hotel, creating for guests a home-like atmosphere.