Bouts of thirst in the summer is perfectly normal, common phenomenon. Sometimes you like a drink and like a thirst quenched, and after a while even more thirsty. Some drinks, on the contrary, do not seem good liquidators thirst, but in practice those are. People who have kidney problems and pregnant women by doctors is not recommended to use more than 1.5 liters of fluid a day. So they (and not only them) is very important to know how to drink less water and not suffer continually from thirst.
If you really want to drink water, add a little fresh orange or lemon juice. Drink in small portions. This will help you to overcome the feeling of thirst, though for a short time.
Instead of water drink black or green tea. It quenches thirst much better than plain water. Only should drink it warm, not cold or hot. From prostration, which usually accompanies extreme heat, you will save lemon juice or honey in my tea.
Permanently eliminates thirst mineral water. Owing to the mineral substances within its structure, water is retained in the body for a longer time. Even half-liter bottle of mineral water can make a tangible effect. However, first necessary to clarify the indications for consumption of mineral water. And find out what you need and degree of mineralization.
Throughout a hot day, drink a little drink, prepared on the basis of berries (sour) – fruit drinks, jelly with a small amount of sugar. They should not be too cold because cold water is absorbed in the body worse than, for example, cool. After a while thirst may again make itself felt.
Some people recommend to eat a little salt – a few grains. This will help you to combat dehydration.
Constant desire to drink something sometimes is a symptom of a serious disease, such as diabetes. If you are experiencing constant thirst, drinking more than 1.5 liters of water per day and lose weight if appetite you decreases or increases, consult a doctor.