Despite the fact that you're in Dubai , not as a local resident and as a tourist, you should maintain local traditions and norms of decency. In this regard, so as not to cause misunderstanding and disrespect on the part of local residents, do not wear too revealing clothes, going for a walk around the city.
In the pool, on the beach or at the hotel you can spend time in bikini and pareo, but such clothing is not valid. It is also not acceptable short skirts and shorts – in Dubai these things are considered to be provocative and indecent.
Your clothes should be closed and not too tight. To a closed clothes did not stay in the sun unbearable, follow the example of the locals – wear things made of natural fabrics (cotton or linen).
Women should wear long dresses, skirts or loose pants that cover their legs and cover the shoulders. For men fit lightweight pants and shirts.
You will also need a hat, Panama hat or scarf to protect your head from the sun, and be sure to bring dark glasses, without which you risk to damage the eyes.
If you go to a prestigious restaurant or a business meeting, you may be fit strict formal dress. Man enough to wear a decent suit.
In Dubai , you will notice that local people – both women and men wearing the traditional Arab Gulf attire. Even if you buy this garment, do not wear it on the streets of Dubai. It is believed that costumes can only be worn by the locals, the foreigners also are not allowed.
Despite the hot weather, tourists are not recommended to wear in shorts. They are unlikely to offend the residents of the city, accustomed to visiting Europeans, but it is better for you to conform to local traditions.