As ground water heating equipment in a private home

Grounding must be installed outside the house on an open plot of land. To install it you will need 3 iron rod and steel wire. One end of each pin should be imprisoned, and on the other to weld on the bolt of appropriate diameter. Located on the ground pins arbitrarily, but the distance between each of them should be 3 m or more. This files most often have them on the ground in the form of an isosceles triangle with sides of more than 3 m

Hammer the pins into the ground using the hammer to weld to the ends of the bolts to ground level did not reach at least 5 cm Edge of the steel wire screwed to the grounding terminal on the housing of the heater. Wire laid along the walls, in place on flexing, getting to the exit that leads to the street. Outside the house wires to fit hammered into the ground pins.

Put on bolts of a washer. Then wound one or two turns of wire and put another washer. The wire is wound and firmly tighten with a wrench. The wire needs to loop, namely to connect the wire start and end of a ground loop on one or two pins.

How to make grounding of the boiler in the apartment

The first thing to inspect the heater and check kit to the grounding system. It includes the plug and the nut with pins and washers.
It is recommended to use for grounding copper cable with section not less 1.5 cm.

Mains leading from the switchboard on the floor should also be checked for connection of all metal parts with the grounding system.

Socket with an earth element must be located not less than two feet from the water heater and 80 cm from the floor. From the panel to the outlet is laid a three-core cable. The best method of installation is hidden, with shtroblenie walls. But the option of pulling under the plastic chute too bad.
If the water heater has a special system separate grounding wire connects directly to the clip on its housing.

After pulling the cable cores at both of its ends split and attach to the terminals on the panel and the outlet. Typically, the conductors of the cable differ in color. Before you connect cables, observing their color, the apartment must be shut down. When attaching ground wires uses a special bolt. After all wires are connected to their place, turn on voltage and test the outlet with indicator.