Cooking carp in various ways: to boil, to bake in the oven and on the coals. Fry carp is not recommended because the meat has not enough fat frying becomes dry. In order to impress friends don't be in the kitchen. Worth to dream a little and baked carp with vegetables that will long remain in memory. The recipe of this dish is very simple on the specifics and quick to prepare.

In order to prepare a carp in the oven based on four servings, you will need:

Carp (fillet) – 3 kg.

Tomatoes – 3 PCs.

Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC. and celery to taste.

Condiment for fish – 1 p.

Lemon – 1 PC. Olive oil and Dijon mustard – 150-200 gr.

1. First and foremost, the fish must be cleaned. First, cut off all fins and put the carcass briefly in cold water to when cleaning the scales from flying around.

2. Then from tail to head with a special knife or spatula separate the scales. Clean the fish carefully, discovered the calf, can also be used in the cooking process.

3. Rinse and cut the fish in running water for one minute and peel off the head. To fish is better cooked, pre-cut it into pieces with a size of about seven inches. Then RUB the fish pieces with seasoning and place in a covered dish, about half an hour.

4. Meanwhile, prepare the dressing for the vegetables. Mix olive oil, Dijon mustard and honey. Squeeze of lemon juice and add salt to taste. Roll in the dressing pre-cut vegetables, except bell pepper.

5. Place the fish on a baking sheet covered with foil and brush with the remaining olive oil. Between the pieces of fish lay the vegetables except tomato.

6. Preheat the oven to two hundred degrees and bake the fish for fifteen to twenty minutes.

7. Then remove the pan and place the fish on the tomatoes.

8. Bake further for about half an hour at the same temperature.

9. Serve fish as a main dish, or mashed potatoes.