How to choose and prepare carp for cooking

When choosing fish remember that it is best to buy fresh carp. The fish should have red gills and clear eyes. Also carp must be correctly cut: for this, clean the fish, remove the abdomen from the inside, cut the fins, tail and head, and carcass rinse well with period cooking. For batch cooking, divide the fillet into two pieces along the spine and remove the large bones. If you want to cook whole carp, it will be enough to cut off the head and remove the entrails.

In order to eliminate the smell of fish, it is good to soak the carp for 20-30 minutes in milk, and also put in the belly of the fish when baking dill that takes away the unpleasant smell.

How to cook carp in the oven

You will need:

- carp - 1 PC (1.5 kg);

- onion - 1 PC.;

- carrots - 1 PC.;

- vegetable oil - 70 ml;

- lemon — 1 PC.;

- pepper, salt, seasonings and spices for baking fish is to your taste.

Carrots wash, peel and grate on a coarse grater. The bow must be washed and cut into cubes.

In a pan pour oil and sauté on medium heat the carrots, onion. Cover a baking sheet with foil, then place your fish, drizzle the carp with lemon juice and RUB with salt and pepper inside and out.

If the vegetables become soft, you can remove them from the pan. Half of vegetable mixture, put into carp, the rest cover the fish on top.

Send the pan with the fish in the oven, pre-heated to 200 degrees, for about 40 minutes. After the specified time carp, baked in the oven, ready. Put the fish on a dish, garnish with slices of lemon, mayonnaise and herbs and can safely serve with your favourite side dish.