Open the image you want to work. Adjust the contrast, most "outlining" desired image element to simplify the subsequent work. If you need the item to be cut is monotonous and rather contrasts with the surrounding background, you use the "Magic wand".
If the desired element as it merges with the rest of the image and the "magic wand" snap off the excess pieces of the object, you use the "Bezier Curve". To do this, zoom in and place it in the program window so that you could see better the edges of the image and was easy to trace them.
Carefully draw around the image element that you want to clip in his path, while not forgetting to put the corner points. Once the item circled, tail curve, clicking "Close". Use the Shape tool to edit the curve, making it around the desired piece of image. You can find the tool in the toolbar or invoke it by pressing the key "F10".
Insert your image element in this curve in order to select the entire object and not just its outline. To make the insertion, open the menu "Effects" and then follow the path PowerClip → "Place inside container". Now an arrow appears, which you must specify on your curve.
If the item you chose is centered in relation to your curve, go to the menu "Tools". There section "Options" go to "Tab" and then under "workspace". Free from ticks the item "Autocentricity PowerClip".