Open the program Microsoft Paint to cut out the photo outline. This is a standard application of the Windows operating system, so it definitely exists on your personal computer. Go to the menu button "start" then "All programs" and "Standard". In the list of programs, find the Paint.
Click once with the left mouse button on the icon of the program. Upload it into the image. To cut along the contour of the photo, select the standard crop tool. He is depicted as a rectangle drawn by dotted line.
Select the area on the photo you want to cut. Click the right mouse button, in context menu select "Cut" or just press Ctrl+X.
Open the application MS Photo Editor. It is included in MS Office. As in the case of Paint, you will be able to select only a rectangular area. Upload a photo, choose the rectangle select tool. Select the desired area on the image, then right click the mouse and select Cut or use the same keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+X.
Download and install to your PC the program Adobe Photoshop. It provides a lot of tools to work with different types of images. Using the right tools, you will have not only a rectangular selection of the desired area, as in the previous two cases, and independent of the boundary of allocation, and automatic selection of contour colors. To cut a figure on a path, select the Lasso tool. It is located on the toolbar at the left side of the screen. Select the type (as you have already understood, there are 3).
Select your area of interest in the figure and press Ctrl+X. Using straight-line or the magnetic lasso, you can move the selection to adjust the boundaries of the covered area.