After completion of the image open in Corel Draw menu "File" and then click "Save" this command opens a standard save dialog. Also in menu you can use the icon with the floppy disk icon on the toolbar in the program window or press Ctrl + S. This command should be used when saving a document, or to overwrite the existing file.
If you need to save the current file, leaving on the disk and previous versions of a document, use the command "Save as" - it is placed in the same section of the menu. This command corresponds to the key combination Ctrl + Shift + S.
In the dialog opened by the command save, select a format written to disk document. The drop-down list with the available options placed in the field "file Type". Choose your own format Corel Draw CDR if you intend to edit the document in the graphical editor in the future. You can also save in formats other programs to work with graphics - for example, AI for Adobe Illustrator, Corel Designer DES for etc.
In the field "file Name" field, type the name of the document being saved, and using the directory tree in the drop-down list in the address bar of the save dialog choose a folder in which to place this file.
In this window you can specify advanced save options - compatible with earlier versions, saving in the same file current color profile and used fonts. If desired, more careful tuning of the parameters of the saved document, click the "Advanced" button - it opens a separate window "Options".
When you are ready to record the file, click the "Save" button and the operation will be performed in accordance with the specified parameters.