You will need
  • Software Corel Draw 11 and above.
Run Corel Draw. To create a new document, click the "File" menu and select "New".
Click the Tools menu, select Visual Vs, then click "Play". In the opened window, Corel Draw, Visual Basic for Applications Macros, click the Macros object in, select CalendarWizard and click the Run button.
Now you need to configure your calendar. First, determine the month and year displayed in the calendar – it can be done in a block Calendar Date. There is also the possibility to choose all months or on the contrary not a single one-button All or None. In block Calendar Language, you can define the display language.
Navigate to the tab Week starts on – here you can choose what will start the calculation of the weeks. Usually it's Monday, but in some countries week starts on Sunday. Clicking on Holidays, you can specify all of the holidays for your calendar.
To display a preview of your masterpiece, click Expand or Collapse (view in normal and advanced mode). On the Layout tab you can select the calendar view and to see samples of existing calendars. Select one of the options.
By default, the calendar is created in A4 pages in a vertical format, calendar location and size of the paper onto which printing will occur, it is possible to change the tab Page Layout. In this window, you can set any size for the calendar grid.
When your calendar or the grid is fully completed, click Generate, created in the image macro calendar will become a separate file on the working surface Corel Draw. Now all you have to edit yourself, adding design elements, or save it to a file.