Advice 1: In Photoshop resize layer

The size of the visible part of the layer file open in Photoshop, is equal to the area of the canvas of the document and may be changed by increasing or decreasing the size of the document or canvas. However, in the graphic editor there is the ability to change size at any layer of an object using the transformation tools.
In Photoshop resize layer
You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • file consisting of several layers.
The size of the object on any layer except the background, can be changed using the Free Transform options in the Edit menu, and Scale the Transform group in the same menu. To reduce or enlarge an image, apply any of these options, and then drag the node or side of the frame surrounding the image. If you need to change the size of the object, while maintaining the ratio of its sides, move a frame, hold down the Shift key. After pressing the Enter key transformation will be applied.
The value of the image, lying on a bed, may exceed the canvas size of the document. In this case, the frame transformation will be in the hidden area. To see this frame, decrease the magnication of the picture. Use the Navigator palette so that the boundaries between document and window, which he opened, with left space.
To change the size of the content layer by typing a value changes in one of the fields of the settings panel of transformation. To independently change the width and height of the image, enter a new height in percentage in box H, and width W. in the field If you want to preserve the aspect ratio of the editable object, turn on Maintain aspect ratio in the settings panel. It is disabled by default.
The amount of pictures that are on the background layer, you can change, unlocking the image. Double-click on the layer, or use the option Layer from Background Layer menu. The size of the object on an unlocked layer, you can change using the transformation tools.
In Photoshop there is a possibility to the same extent to change the size of the images lying on different layers. before applying the transformation, select all these layers by holding down Ctrl.
To change the size of all layers in the document, you can use options Image Size and Canvas Size menu Image. In the first case, change the value of the document and objects on all layersH. After the application of the option Canvas Size will change the size of the document contained therein in the adjustment layers and layers filled. Value objects on the other layerof x, will remain the same.

Advice 2: As in autocad to change the scale?

Even some advanced users of AutoCad do not quite understand properties of scaling, and as a result, are not able to enjoy all the benefits of this tool.
Scaling in edit mode of the model.

How to use the zoom tool

The zoom tool is designed to resize elements or groups of elements in the AutoCad drawing. This tool is required to display the individual elements of the drawing with different degrees of detail. To increase or decrease the size of the object using the scaling, you can:

- enter the command _scale command line, in the Russian versions use the SCALE command";
- call drop-down menu from the item Menu, choose the Scale tool;
- click on the corresponding icon in the main ribbon.
- context menu right-click and choose Scale.

How to set the scale for the object

To set the scale in two ways. The first is to introduce the relevant scaling factor in the text box that appears when you activate the Scale command, and click after entering the values press the Enter key. Of course, this value need to know in advance, otherwise the operation will have to be canceled and done again. The value of the coefficient you need to enter relative units. That is, 1 is the current scale, 2 - zoom in and 0.5 - decrease the object twice.

If the exact value of the scale factor is unknown, you can edit the size of the object "by eye" using the second method. To do this, after activating the command zoom move the cursor to the center of the object and hold down the left mouse button to pull from the center to the edges, which will increase the scale of the object. To scale down, pull not at the center of the object, and behind it a visible border and back.

Global scale

Depending on the set parameters the scaling of the objects in the viewport may behave differently when approaching or removal. Settings global edit mode models are specified in the type selection window lines. As in object scaling, the global scaling factor is tied to the unit.

In edit mode, sheets can be individually set the scale for each viewport. To do this, open the properties of the viewport by double-clicking on its outline and select the appropriate value of the annotation scale. If the sheet multiple viewports, each of them will display the set scale. This is the best way to set scaling when you view and print the drawing.
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