If your computer has an earlier version of Windows (Vista or XP), you can download the app "Windows Live movie maker" on the official website at After installation, run the program and add your video by using "Add videos and photos" from the main menu.
Wait until the program will generate rockadrome roller, and then select the frame that you need to flip. You can select one or more frames and the entire video. For this you will need to allocate frames by holding down Ctrl and highlighting the fragments of the cursor. Another option is to select all using shortcut keys Ctrl+A.
Click on the tab "Visual effects" in the main menu (default tab "Home"). To activate the hidden effects, click the arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar effects. In the section "Reflection", choose one of the options: horizontal or vertical reflection. The effect will be immediately applied. To view the result, press the play button in the navigation bar. If the result satisfies you, proceed to the next step: saving the video file.
Return to the Home tab and then click "Save movie" which is located on the right side of the toolbar. In the menu that appears hover over one of the available recording options of the video to read the clues and choose the appropriate format for the output video.