Advice 1: How to flip video

When processing the footage, it is sometimes necessary to apply a mirror image effect video. The easiest way to accomplish this task — use the preinstalled "Windows Live movie maker", which can be found in the list of standard apps in Windows 7.
How to flip video
If your computer has an earlier version of Windows (Vista or XP), you can download the app "Windows Live movie maker" on the official website at After installation, run the program and add your video by using "Add videos and photos" from the main menu.
Wait until the program will generate rockadrome roller, and then select the frame that you need to flip. You can select one or more frames and the entire video. For this you will need to allocate frames by holding down Ctrl and highlighting the fragments of the cursor. Another option is to select all using shortcut keys Ctrl+A.
Click on the tab "Visual effects" in the main menu (default tab "Home"). To activate the hidden effects, click the arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar effects. In the section "Reflection", choose one of the options: horizontal or vertical reflection. The effect will be immediately applied. To view the result, press the play button in the navigation bar. If the result satisfies you, proceed to the next step: saving the video file.
Return to the Home tab and then click "Save movie" which is located on the right side of the toolbar. In the menu that appears hover over one of the available recording options of the video to read the clues and choose the appropriate format for the output video.
The application "Windows Live movie maker" supports most popular formats (except MKV) and allows you to save the video in low quality and HD (high definition).
Useful advice
After processing the video upload your video on YouTube, just click at the save time of the film corresponding command.

Advice 2: How to stabilize video

One of the main problems a video taken Amateur camera, not attached to the tripod, the image is trembling. Of course, to a certain extent this problem can be overcome by including before shooting optical or electronic stabilizer. But shaking the image you unloaded from your camera to your computer, can help only software processing.
How to stabilize video
You will need
  • video;
  • - Adobe After Effects.
For video stabilization, you can take advantage of the program After Effects. Import the clip, in need of treatment, using the option File from the Import group on the File menu. If you prefer hot keys, apply to import the file Ctrl+I.
Drag the imported clip into the Timeline palette the mouse or the option to Add Footage to Comp from the File menu. Place the pointer of the current frame at the beginning of the fragment, which should stabilize the video, if you don't need to process the whole video.
Use the Stabilize Motion option from the menu Animation. In the palette layer will appear processed video with one tracker. Adjust the stabilization parameters in the Tracker Controls palette. If you do not see this palette in the program window, use the Tracker Controls in the Window menu.
Specify the options that need stabilization. By default, the program monitors changes in setting Position. In other words, you will be able to compensate for the vertical and horizontal jerking of the camera. If your picture, on top of that, still wobbles, place a tick in the checkbox Rotation. After that, the layer palette will be the second tracker.
Install trackers on parts of the image, the movement of which is monitored by the program. It should be small pieces of background which, in theory, should be fixed and moved in the frame only because of the jerking of the camera. The objects must be different from the background color, saturation or brightness. By default, tracks the difference in brightness.
If you put the trackers on the objects different from the background color, click on the Options button in the Tracker Controls panel. Select settings select RGB and click OK.
Click Analyze forward in the Tracker Controls panel. After clicking on this button will start the process of analyzing the displacement of points marked trackers. You can track the analysis in the palette window layer. If one of the trackers unhooked from the object that was originally attached, click on the Reset button and attach tracker to another object.
After the analysis is complete, click Apply. Start watching a video option RAM Preview from the Preview menu group Composition.
If necessary, increase the size of the image. This will prevent the player window layer edges with your video shifted to compensate for camera motion. To increase the image size, click on the arrow to the left of the layer with the video in the Timeline palette. In the right-click menu in the same way, expand the Transform. Edit the "Scale" parameter so that when playing in the player window wasn't visible areas of the black background.
Save the stabilized video using the option Add to Render Queue from the Composition menu. In the palette Render Queue click Output to and select the folder in which to store the file. To start the processing of your movie click the Render button.

Advice 3: Why this is good video

Watching the news, chat with friends and more is on the Internet. But sometimes when you try to view any video problems. The reasons for such a phenomenon can be many.
Why this is good video

Videos on the Internet - a fairly common phenomenon. They are used on news portals, social networks and many websites showing the movies. Youtube in General is built on the video from users. Such a broad application of the popular "pictures with sound" sometimes has some problems. The user visits the website, clicks on the icon to view the video, but in return gets nothing. Leaving it to load, you can wait an hour or two. Slow loading of the video may have several causes.

First, it can be low-speed connections. For example, in the evenings your provider is unable to provide the proper speed for all users, as the influx is too large. The same happens on weekends and holidays. Do nothing you will be able - will have to put up with slow Internet, and, hence, with the download of the video. Or try to view the video at another time.

Another common cause of slow loading of videos is an obsolete version of flash player for the browser. Periodic version updates of the browser gives the user complete confidence in its correct operation. Older versions of flash player have an impact on both the uploading of pictures and videos. Try to follow the release of new versions and update to their output.

The problem with the uploading of videos also may be associated with the outdated model of computer or its software. For example, the dual-core models run much slower than four.

If all of the above reasons do not apply to you, then most likely, the problem lies in the video. The author of the video could make mistakes in his calculations, or the server on which you found the video, is not working properly. Server problems usually arise in connection with the influx of visitors. Often that a movie I want to see too many of them and the server does not have time to answer everything. Therefore, the transfer speed is greatly reduced, which affects loading speed.

Advice 4: Why slow loading video

After a hard day many people want to sit in front of the computer and watch your favorite movie. Today the Internet offers a huge number of videos for every taste. But somehow, unfortunately, the image is downloaded. What could be the reason?
Why slow loading video

A slow loading video on the computer makes the search for the causes of behavior and to take some preventive steps to avoid serious damage to the system. Slow fix can occur for several reasons.

The download speed may decrease due to the gradual "contamination" of the operating system. The normal mode of operation for a computer is considered as install and uninstall the different programs. Each installed program makes an entry in the system list. These records when you remove a program is removed incorrectly, which leads to conflicts in system operation. The more installed programs are working simultaneously, the more conflicts leading to slow downloading videos. To eliminate such problems , you can use the program CCleaner, which will restore the correctness of the entries in the registry system.

It may be that when downloading the video is the download of some program. Many programs are installed with a "startup" to start when implementing a particular command. Often on the Internet along with start downloading the video starts to load a window with the advertising content or online play. You must immediately to close the extra window, therefore the download speed should increase.

The reason for slow-loading video may be (which happens quite often) the presence of viruses or spyware. The virus during its "black" business takes the computer a significant part of the power, which of course affects the download speed. Viruses are removed a special anti-virus software (downloaded from the Internet or installed with extra media). Cleaning from viruses can also cause slow downloading. Sometimes to remove a virus you have to reinstall the system and all working programs.

It is no secret that the antivirus program "Kaspersky" very carefully checks each incoming from the Internet file. Therefore, the duration of any download from the Internet is increasing, and the computer works with the apparent "slowdown". Should try to put another antivirus program and restart the computer.

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