The optimal temperature at which the plant will feel comfortable, is 20-25oC in the spring and summer and 10 ° C in a dormant in winter. Protect the plant during cold weather from drafts and hypothermia. Often to death of the plant results in sharp decrease of temperature.
How often to water the plant? It all depends on size, material of the pot, size of plant, temperature, humidity and characteristics of the substrate. In the spring and summer the plant should be watered abundantly, but only after drying of the top soil to a depth of 5 cm under conditions of moderate temperature maintenance (18-20oC) large instance just one watering a week. Calculation guide that for 10 gallons of soil required 2-2,5 liters of room temperature water at a time (water should be settled). In the heat of summer the plant should be watered more often, but we must not forget that between waterings the soil in the pot should have time to dry. In winter, watering should be reduced to the stagnation of water, the roots do not rot.
To transplant Yucca need in the spring and summer. In the drained substrate is a plant quite successfully developing. Transplanting a plant, be sure to sprinkle on the bottom of the pot drainage layer of gravel, expanded clay or crushed red brick. Select average soil mixture. Buying a mixture with peat, ask whether it is neutralized to a neutral PH (6,0-6,5). Do not interfere in the ground some sand (30% of the total).
It is desirable to preserve the clod of earth around the roots when transplanting plants. Therefore, we recommend to make handling and not transplanting healthy plants. If the Yucca roots have begun to rot from excessive watering, the plant will require unscheduled transplant. Decayed or decaying roots become very soft and easily crushed with your fingers. From these roots, emits a characteristic putrid smell, need to get rid of the transplant.