h2> Care plant Yucca
Planting plants can be produced in partial shade area, but if possible don't try to hide it from the open sunlight, it is thermophilic. Planting of Yucca is dry, well-drained soil, as the roots are prone to rotting in damp earth. Before planting, the soil should add sand and large stones. Land for good growth of the plant should be loose and rich in calcium, the enrichment which is done using a specialized fertilizer. Watering should be moderate, no need to elevate plant. To determine whether a sufficient amount of water gets Yucca is very easy, you need to pay attention to its leaves. Straightened the sheets and twisted threads is a sign of good condition of the plants, curled leaves and dangling threads — the flower need watering. It is also necessary to note that the minimum distance between the colors should be 45 inches.

Shelter plants Yucca in winter

For the winter the plant should be prepared. It is necessary to remove all the dry leaves inside the Yucca. Next step should be to wrap plant tape. In appearance it will resemble a column. Frame needs to be secured so that the plant does not wobble and it was not damaged sharp wind. The resulting design should be abundantly covered with snow.

The main enemies of plants Yucca

The worst enemy of plants is scale. About the attack of this pest indicate brown blaby on leaves of Yucca. Scale insects can be protected from chemicals wax plate, which does not bring the enemy completely. Collection of the pest must be implemented manually. After the scale is removed, the leaves of the Yucca should be treated with a tampon soaked in vodka. Due to the fact that she disappears for a long time the plant will for some time protected from another attack.

After wintering plant can attack slugs. During this period, the plant is covered with yellowish spots. In the struggle with slugs will help the insecticides.

Flowering plants

Flowering Yucca pollination contributes little butterfly living in the southern strip. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that plants sometimes need to arrange a shock therapy by moving it to a dark place with the temperature +5 degrees Celsius. Another condition is the rejection of removing wilted leaves. With proper care the plant may bloom in the third year of life, but mainly the flowering period falls on the fourth or fifth years of growth.