What conditions are necessary for germination of adenium

For sowing seeds need a sterile and well-drained soil. You can take as a basis a ready soil for cacti and add the baking powder – vermiculite or perlite. The soil composition of the baking powder should be between 20% to 50%. In this case, the soil will be light, but nutritious, so the seedlings at first not will need fertilizing.

Adenium belong to the thermophilic plants. Seeds will germinate well if to provide a constant temperature from +25 to +35oC. If the temperature regime is not followed, the seeds may not germinate.

Also the seeds need to provide constant moderate humidity. To create the desired microclimate in the container with sown seed is required to cover the transparent film.

The best time for planting is spring and summer. But if it is possible to provide appropriate temperature and light conditions, the inoculation can be made at any time of the year.

Before sowing

To prevent fungal diseases before sowing the seeds necessarily processed for 30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To improve the vigor of seeds soaked for 1.5 hours in warm water with the addition of stimulant (EPIN or Zircon). The water temperature should be not less than +35oC. To ensure a constant temperature of water can a container of seeds to put on the towel.

Sowing seeds

In the container for planting made sure the drainage of expanded clay. Then the capacity is filled with the substrate and watered with warm water. The soil should not be wet. In the substrate are grooves and laid the seeds. Seeds are sown horizontally. The distance between seeds 2-3 cm, then you need to sprinkle them with soil of a thickness of 0.5 cm.

If the seeds are sowed different varieties, it is better to use a landing tape. The use of such capacity will allow not to mix up the varieties. It is important that the tape had drainage holes.

After sowing capacity covered by a transparent film to create greenhouse conditions. For crops we need to organize the bottom heated with a constant temperature of +25oC and +35oC. If the temperature is lower, the seeds can rot if the above is not to germinate. Light for germination is not needed.

Care for the seedlings of adenium

The first 4-5 days the greenhouse watering is not necessary. After this period, the substrate must be carefully moistened. Crops regularly aired – 30 minutes, 2 times a day. The main part of the seed germinates in 3-4 days but this period can reach up to 2 weeks. After germination bottom heat is removed. Seedlings exhibited the spot-lit and ventilated regularly. Finally the tape is removed 2 weeks after emergence.

After the appearance of the third pair of true leaves, seedlings to transplant into individual pots. Capacity to undertake small, the corresponding root system.