If you want to buy clothes in Turkey for yourself, you don't make sense to go in this country. Just go to one of the sites dealing with supply of clothing, and to buy things in the catalog. The cost of clothing sold in online stores, is usually much lower than in urban markets, even with the delivery. However, be careful when ordering and specify exactly the size, color, and price items as the online retailers can send is not what you wanted to buy.
You can also apply for Turkish Internet sites that sell clothes at retail and wholesale, such as,, Special knowledge of the Turkish language you will not be required; it will be enough, if you go to the online translator. However, when ordering be careful and refer only to the services of EMS-mail, operating in Russia and in Turkey.
Contact a reliable tour operator and purchase a ticket that involves shopping. Usually the tour operators, the scope of which includes the collaboration with the famous Turkish shops and wholesale markets, and take on all obligations for delivery of goods, although a lot of you on this, of course, not earn. Go to the website, which features information about services one of the most famous Russian tour operators - and check out its shopping service, before you make a decision about the trip.
Go to a regular tourist trip to this country and contact on arrival at one of the local firms involved with the delivery of goods to Russia (cargo). Be sure to check the documents of the company Manager to reduce the risk to a minimum. Despite the fact that the cost of the services of officially registered firms will be somewhat more expensive than unregistered, you will be able in parallel to insure your goods and avoid big losses.