To open your clothing store you need to consider how you will deliver the goods. It is important to consider not only purchase price, but also the characteristics of your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. In what price segment will orientirovany store?
2. What market niche will it occupy? Whether it's the shop casual or evening wear, for children or adults? Are you going to sell seasonal items or uniforms for employees of enterprises, costumes or lingerie.
3. What makes your shop different from many competitors ' stores?

Choose a provider based on his business skills, minimum of lot size, the ratio of price and quality, and also offer a range of sizes.

Clothing from the manufacturer

Direct supply will help you to achieve lower prices in comparison with competitors, a commodity which has passed through a long chain of intermediaries. Various B-2-B services will help you to contact the manufacturer and sign a mutually beneficial contract. It is good to buy a product from the manufacturer, if you are going to occupy a narrow niche in the market and sell one or two products, such as leather jackets, school uniform or swimwear.

Made in China

If you want to offer customers a great variety of casual clothing for the whole family, you can order the product in the Chinese online stores. Many of them provide large discounts to wholesale buyers, and some do not work with retail. In the Chinese online hypermarket offers a huge range of clothes wholesale on all occasions, and is used by most of the entrepreneurs, opening small shops.

When purchasing clothing in China, be sure to mention features size chart Asian manufacturers. Not be amiss to inquire the seller a certificate of quality.

Remains sweet

If you want to open a shop low prices, but do not want to sell Chinese consumer goods, the obvious choice is the stock center or second-hand. The Internet is easy to find contacts European warehouses that sell clothes of varying quality all containers and bales. These providers sort through massive quantity of the goods unsold in the stores, and mark of the party depending on seasonality, type and consumer properties of the product. To trade stock things require serious investment, but the profit is high, given the growing consumer interest in fashionable clothes at affordable prices.