Switching gears during the climb. There is no need to switch speed if necessary, or you risk losing the rhythm and momentum of your movement. Also, do not change gears during fast pedaling, because it will lead to rapid wear of those parts which during braking subjected to the greatest load.
The most common mistake cyclists-fans is a rare use of the front derailleur. This is probably explained by the fear to fly over the handlebars of the Bicycle upside down. Of course, if the speed is very large, the front brake is better not to use or to use them for gradual braking. However, the front brakes twice as efficient as the rear, so it's worth thinking about in which situations what brakes are best to use.
You have the opportunity quickly enough to gain the necessary speed with a single switch on the front of the cassette (instead of two on the rear). Entering the rhythm of the movement, you can with the rear derailleur to adjust the transmission more accurately. Remember that first you need to choose a forward gear and then to adjust the reverse switch.
If you prepare to descend, the right gear it is better to choose in advance. The descent time for this you will be gone. There will have to monitor the control and maneuvering of the bike.
As the movement rate of the surrounding countryside, to pre-select the right gear. Speed on the bike you should choose the same as the car: its optimum gear for every speed.