The process of development name of the product or service (naming) is generally the same for all products and services. It is divided into several Stages and is subject to certain rules. The stages of development names are as follows:
1. the definition of the target audience of the product or service.
2. monitoring similar products and services, which are consumed by the target audience.
3. the actual development of the title (about 5-10).
4. test names on the target audience.
5. choosing the most successful version.
In the result you should see the name that would be catchy and memorable enough, attracted the attention of the target audience and cause them positive emotions.
When developing titles for store children's clothing is particularly attention should be paid to identify your target audience. If you sell clothes for infants and preschool children, your target audience is only parents. If you sell items for older children target audience is parents and these children, because they are already involved in the selection of products for yourself. Accordingly, this should depend on the name of the store. For example, in the case of young children it seems quite a good store name "Baby" or "Tender age" (although in the latest sell products for children of all ages), and in the case of children in primary school a good name be the name of the hero of the famous cartoon, which I remember both parents and children ("goofy", etc.).
When working with the target audience also need to consider its solvency. One of the functions of the name - "the selection" best for store buyers. Ie elite store must have a different name than budget. When developing names for the shop of children's clothes this is quite difficult because it is unclear what word can more positively influence on a particular category of buyers. From this position you can quite gracefully exit by placing under the name of a tagline that would clarify the level of prices in the store (for example, for a luxury shop fit the slogan "For young ladies and gentlemen").
After analyzing the interests and preferences of the target audience should pay attention to the area where is your shop, and to check the search engines what stores like yours, it already has, not to think of a name that someone has taken themselves, or close to it. A good step might be checking the names of known shops of children's clothes for members of your intended audience (friends with children). What are the names they like more and what less? From the tastes of the target audience should proceed in the development of the name, even if you think that you would be able to come up with a better option as your sales depend on your customers.