You will need
  • Sam Drivers, Internet.
Situations in which Windows operating system was unable to automatically find the right driver to the sound card, are extremely rare. Usually this is due to the fact that users are using a rather rare model of this device. The second possible reason is that your sound card was created much later than the appearance of the operating system that you have installed.
In any case, to start the selection of the proper driver you should check if it exists in the database of the company Microsoft. Open the device Manager. The item you'll find after going into the properties menu of "My computer".
Select the device for which you want to install or update the driver. In this case they will be sound card. Click with the right mouse button on the device marked with a exclamation mark and select "Update drivers". In the next window, click on "search Automatically for updated driver software". After searching, click "Install".
If Windows fail to automatically find the right driver, then enjoy a manual search. Open any search engine and type in the search bar the name of your sound card by adding the word "driver".
Select a set of drivers designed for your device. It is best to download the drivers from the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment. Repeat the algorithm described in the third step, but select "Perform driver search on this computer" and specify the path to downloaded files.
If the above method did not help you, then use a special program. For example, consider a package of drivers Sam Drivers. Launch this app and wait for the scanning devices. Check the box next to the set of drivers you want to update or install, and then click Run.