You will need
  • The base value of the parameter which is calculated the percentage share of the option or the number.
The selection of the database, which will be the calculation of the percentage. For example, the cake weighs 3200 grams or 3.2 kg. Required to cut off from him 20% of his weight. In other words, if to Express it in fractions, from the cake to cut it a fifth, or 1/5 of its mass.
Calculation of percentage. If you run the calculation in fractions, it will look like this:
3200/5 = 640 gr. In other words, in order to cut of the pie 1/5 part, it is necessary to cut 640 grams.
If to consider in percentage, we'll get this scheme:
1)3200/100 = 32 gr. The first action is unclear, is how much by weight of 1% of the pie, or 1/100 part of it.
2)32*20 = 640 gr. Using the second action is received that 20% of the pie is 640 grams.
If we want to compare the two any figure, and the result expressed as a percentage, it is enough to divide the base figure for the accounting and multiply the result by 100%. Example:
You want to know the growth performance in the reporting period compared with baseline, if the accounting period of the performance amounted to 38,000 units, and the base 34000 units.
If considered in absolute terms, the increase amounted to: 38000-34000 = 4 thousand units.
If you count in percentage, the increase in performance will be expressed as:
(38000/34000)X100-100 = 11,76%. In other words, productivity growth amounted to 11.76%.