To get rid of stiffness, write on paper their fears and complexes, as well as their strengths and desires. Carefully analyze each count. Think about why you are afraid of this and how you can overcome your fear, whether the list of systems is so great or are you just prone to belittling their own merits? Praise yourself for every item the best inner qualities and talents.
Pay special attention to the wish list. For example, it is about the "Buy the latest model of cars of the European marks". Think about whether you want it? Perhaps if you're sufficiently honest with yourself, you will find that the car your wife wants, and you probably dream to see the famous Galapagos turtles in their natural habitat. Create your list of desires, not someone else.
To be open when in contact with other people means to be free from certain conventions. Say sincere compliments to those who deserve them, point to the shortcomings of those who do not see or want to notice. It does not go to the insults, always put yourself in the shoes of the interlocutor. In order to avoid unpleasant situations learn how to constructively criticize and to accept such criticism from others.
Watch out for the children. What do you think, that they are loved by adults? The spontaneity that brings a smile or at times confusing, and sometimes makes tongue-lashing. For the love of life that makes them happy. For curiosity, which helps to open up boundless resources for learning. To be open person, you need to protect your inner "child".
Learn to say "thank you" and learn the art to laugh at yourself. Be able to answer for their actions and plead guilty if it is. Try to make the most of the opportunities of those that teaches you life (of course, if they do not contradict the safety of others, and legislation). Openness with yourself and the world will help to get rid of remorse, and thus learn to live in harmony with each other.