You will need
  • - Movie Maker;
  • video.
Upload your video into Movie Maker and drag it to the timeline, which is located in the lower pane of the program window. Option "Creating titles and credits from Operations with the movies" open the settings label.
Movie Maker allows you to overlay text on any part of the video. Choosing one of the options available in the "Where to add a title?", you will get the opportunity to enter text from the keyboard or paste the inscription, copied from a file opened in a text editor. Choosing a style text decoration and one of the animation presets, use the option "done, add title to movie".
The inscription superimposed on the video displayed on the timeline as a rectangle in the track title. Pulling the mouse over the edge of this rectangle, you can change the time during which the text appears on the screen. Dragging the inscription to the right or left along the path, you will change the appearance of text.
The inscription, added before the movie or after, it appears as a clip on a track with videos. If necessary, you can stretch it out over time or can be pasted into another track. The background for this text will be dark blue.
If you would like to see the lettering on different background, create in any graphic editor document with the size of the edited video frame and fill it with the desired color. Saving the resulting picture to the jpg file, drag it into window Movie Maker, or use the option "Import images". Insert an imported picture to the location on the timeline where you want the label, and enter text, using the option "Add title on the selected clip". The generated text is displayed on the track for the credits at the bottom of the timeline.
In Movie Maker there is a limit on the number of characters that can be imposed on the video label. Text that extends beyond what is permitted by the developers of this video editor will not be displayed in the input field labels on the screen. If you need to insert your clip long text, divide it into pieces and add as a separate label.
The text overlaid on the clip, you can edit. Alternatively, right-click on the clip you want to edit. Click the option "Change name" and set in the opened window, the new settings of the label. This way you can completely change the text styling and animation.
Save video with text, using the option "Save to computer" from the window "Operations with movies."