You will need
  • - Movie Maker;
  • video.
To overlay captions on the video, open it in Movie Maker, drag the video file with the mouse from the Explorer window into the storyboard.Similarly, when using the mouse, drag the video to the timeline. However, you can do this with the command "add to timeline" from the menu "video".
Call the window title settings with the command "Titles and credits" from the menu "Service". After you open the settings window, select the position of caption in the video from several options: at the beginning of the film, at the end of the movie, before the selected fragment or after the selected fragment by clicking on the appropriate text boxes.
Movie Maker allows you to add the name of the movie with the subtitle. To use this feature, select one of the options to add the title. A text box will open with two fields. Type a base name in the top field, and the rest of the text at the bottom. Looking at the player screen, you will notice that the text from the top field represented in the form of labels of larger size than the text from the bottom of the field.
If you do not like the animation or the font in which is typed the title of the video, edit them using the options "to Change the animation names" and "Change font and text color". In order to do this, click the corresponding labels below the input field for text.After clicking on the inscription "to Change the animation names" window opens with a list of available animation types. Below the main list is a list of animation presets for titles, consisting of two lines. Clicking on one of them, you will see preview of the animation in the player window.Click on the "Change font and text color" window opens where you can select a font from the drop-down list, set its color, opacity, font style, and alignment.
When finished with the setting name, click "done, add title to movie".
If necessary, add in your videos final credits. The window of their settings can be invoked using the same command, "Names and titles" from menu "Service". Select "Add credits at the end of the film and enter text in the opened spreadsheet. The animation and font on the end credits is adjusted in exactly the same way as the animation name. After you finished editing the captions, click "Finish".
Save the video with the added subtitles click on the caption "Save to computer".