You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - created video;
  • - installed on a computer with Windows Movie Maker.
After the film is almost finished, we can start to support its diverse personnel with inscriptions and names. To do this, select the top toolbar section "Operation". After pressing this button in the left of the work window you will see a new menu for titles and names and further add to the movie. The location of the label can be in the beginning of the video, at the end or on the selected clip, etc. You will need to specify the desired item and typing.
With the beginning and end of the film everything is clear: titles will automatically fall into place. If you mark the item "On the selected clip", locate the point on the mounting track. To do this, move with the mouse the blue stripe in line with text, or use a special cursor on the display screen. Select the desired to insert a caption area and click Finish.
Then, on the path of installation after a short blackout you will see a sign "E" indicates that the inscription added to the project. When you hover over the blue stripes, its text appears on the screen.
So the design was more colorful, experiment with fonts and text color. You can also change the animation of the text, its location on the screen and transparency.
To edit the text and its properties in the window that opens, click on the letter "A", and then can produce with the inscriptionof Yu any changes. The most suitable options, do not forget to save the project, otherwise your work may be in vain. By the way, the number of added inscriptions can be unlimited. Just don't overdo it, remember about moderation.
To change the appearance of your labels will help you have in your computer fonts. They are stored on the local C drive in the Fonts folder of the Windows system partition. If you wish, you can add new fonts. They need to download from some Internet sites (or get a specialized disk with fonts) and place in the folder Windows/Fonts that are on disk C.